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As per the government certification regarding Bureau of Indian Standards, BIS certification of certain products is mandatory for those want to do business in them. On which category do your products fall?

BIS certification pushes for high quality

BIS certification pushes you to create high quality product. While the certification is mandatory, the government has put it in place for your own good.

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Are your products BIS Certified?

Consumers deserves that you only provide them with the best products. Without the high quality factor, you can leave them unsatisfied, unsafe and your product would become unattractive. To take care of the customer’s needs so that the products they use are as per the high quality standards, the government of India came up with the Indian Standards Institute. It’s job: to maintain the high standard of product’s quality from the time it’s manufactured till the time it becomes obsolete.

And it’s also mandatory.

BIS certification has been considered one of reasons the quality of products have enhanced in India. It’s the reason that more and more manufacturers are willing to invest in their customers and care for their needs. So, are your products BIS certified.

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Different BIS standards for different Products

Every product is different and thus, have to adhere to a different quality standard that has the
government of India has put forth via the Bureau of Indian standards.

The standards can be categorized under three schemes:

Scheme I

The Scheme I of BIS registration is perhaps the most well known. It’s the very scheme that introduced the concept of ISI mark.

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Scheme II

Scheme is the registration scheme. Under this scheme, manufacturers of the product have to acquire BIS registration via self declaration.

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Scheme IV

Scheme III was introduced for niche electrical and reflective components.It's mostly meant for bicycles.

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Get BIS certification for toys in India

As per the Toy Quality Control order Issued in 2020, the safety of toys is a duty that was put under the BIS jurisdiction. As per that order, the toy manufacturers now require BIS certification to prove that their toys are safe before they can be put on sale.

Different BIS Standards for Toys

The BIS license for toys have been divided into two different standards based on the nature of toys:

  1. Electric Toys: The standard applied to electric toys is IS 15644:2006
  2. Non Electric Toys: The standard applied to non electric toys is IS 9873 Part 1
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What is BIS under CIS

According to the rules of Electronics and information Technology Goods Order. 2012, electronics and IT goods have to mandatorily acquire BIS license under the CRS or the Compulsory Registration Scheme.

Simply put, if you’re a trader or importer of the products mentioned in the order, you can’t trade, store, import or distribute them without obtaining BIS registration under the Compulsory Registration scheme.

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What is an ISI mark?

The Indian Standard Institute was established 1980s to oversee the quality of consumer goods. In order to ensure that these products are safe for people to use, the ISI created specific standards. If the product complies to these standards, it gets ISI mark. It makes the product viable for the people. Overtime, more critical products were introduced for which ISI mark became mandatory under the Scheme I of Bureau of Indian Standards. Right now, there are over 53 categories of products for which its mandatory for the manufacturers to get ISI mark.

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