When it comes to getting your products certified by the BIS, you need to consult with individuals that not only understand the process, but also understand your requirements.

Why you need our BIS License Consultants?

The procedure of BIS certification is as complex as you can imagine. There are twists and turns, and every more requirements that BIS body asks when you file the application. Unless you’re vigilant of those requirements, you won’t be able to get the BIS certificate on time. As you can’t expect yourself to vigilant about this process and take care of your business at the same time, our BIS consultant extend an olive branch.

We take the pledge to do what needs to be done to get you the BIS certificate, on your behalf.

Whether it’s sorting out the documents, filing the application and monitor the status of that application, our experts always stand side by side with you.

That’s why, we are the ones that understand the process, and your requirements.

about us


Komal Bansal 

Komal Bansal is a Chartered Accountant by trade and a technocrat by heart. She started out on her own just as she got qualified and till now has aided many corporations and individuals achieve their entrepreneurial dreams. In business, there are always legal and financial matters that get stuck without proper account maintenance, audit and regulatory compliance. Thus, she facilitates the enterprises towards growth by providing them accounting services.

As a technocrat, I make it a point to use tech-driven tools to provide precise solutions to the clients. Currently, I have partnered up with 10 best CAs that I know to form AGAP and Co, India's leading firms for all your business needs from management to financing. She pools that expertise to provide the best BIS consultation services in India.

Dushyant Sharma

There are many domains for entrepreneurs to start a business in. There are equally many legal prerequisites for them. As a startup specialist, Dushyant Sharma helps the veteran and emerging entrepreneurs navigate the legal minefield of business incorporation, business licensing, IPRs and more. Being a business consultant, he often finds his eyes buried in details about various business licenses. That’s how his interest in BIS consultations emerge. As a law, it has always existed but recently, there have been so many changes made to it that people have a hard time keeping up. To provide his clients with insight into the BIS requirements and aiding in BIS certification, Dushyant provides his BIS services in a way that is customized as per the requirements of his clients.