BIS For Digital Camera

BIS for Digital Camera are the manufacturing standards created for Digital Camera by the Bureau of Indian Standards. Manufacturers have to obtain BIS certification for Digital Camera if they wish to manufacture and sell those products in Indian markets. 

As a Digital Camera comes under BIS under CRS, any attempt at manufacturing and sale of Digital Camera without proper BIS certification could lead to heavy penalty. Further violations can even lead to jail time, and worse.

Our BIS consultants understand the BIS requirements associated with Digital Camera. Thus, we can provide you to the BIS certification assistance you need for these products. We pool our expertise and our experience to ensure that you get your certification on time so that you can launch your product in the market without any delay. To that end, we provide you services that include:

  • Application filing services
  • Testing Services
  • Documentation Services
  • Follow-up Services

Thus, if you require BIS certification for Digital Camera on time, and at an affordable price, our experts will be more than happy to assist you.

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Process of obtain BIS Certification for Digital Camera

Following is the process to obtain BIS Certification for manufacturing of Digital Camera is as follows:

Documents required for BIS certification for Digital Camera

Scroll down the document given below to check out the requirements for BIS certification for Digital Camera.

  1. Self Certified copy of the certificate of established firm or company
  2. Self certified copy of document that provides address proof of the firm or company.
  3. Document that provides proof of the identity of the authorized signatory
  4. Documents containing the Technical details of the product you want the BIS certification for
  5. Location map of the premises from nearest landmark
  6. An Agreement in the judicial stamp of INR 100/-

How can our consultants assist you obtain BIS certification?

To aid in your endeavour to get BIS certification for your product, our consultants provide you end to end support. Our services include:

Our experts are here for you to the end. BIS certification is mandatory, but it will also enhance the quality of your product, making it more attractive for the consumers.

There are also other equipment that need BIS license, like BIS for video-games Read it here.

Reach out to us if you want to enhance your product via BIS certification.

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