What is BIS under CIS

According to the rules of Electronics and information Technology Goods Order. 2012, electronics and IT goods have to mandatorily acquire BIS license under the CRS or the Compulsory Registration Scheme.

Simply put, if you’re a trader or importer of the products mentioned in the order, you can’t trade, store, import or distribute them without obtaining BIS registration under the Compulsory Registration scheme.

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Importance of BIS under CRS?

Following points are needed to be considered when you’re thinking about the importance of CRS BIS registration:

  1. BIS ensures that the electronic goods follow a proper standard.
  2. With India moving towards becoming a fully digitized nation, high quality electronic goods is an important factor that can’t be ignored.
  3. The increase in demand of IT goods has made it necessary for the government to oversee the quality of all of them.

Products that are under BIS CRS registration

As per the Compulsory Registration scheme, 63 electronic goods have to mandatorily acquire BIS registration. Some of them are as follows:

  1. Telephone answering machines
  2. Set top box
  3. Scanners
  4. Visual display units, videos monitors of screen size 32" and above
  5. Passport reader
  6. Copying machines/duplicators
  7. Cash registers
  8. Wireless keyboards
  9. Point of sale terminals
  10. Mail processing machines/postage machines/franking machines
  11. Mobile phones
  12. Smart card reader

Rules to follow when applying for BIS CRS registration

Following are the rules that must be followed when applying for BIS registration under CRS:

  1. Manufacturers of the products listed in the CRS order are required to apply for registration. It’s not an optional procedure for them, but a compulsory one. 
  2. The manufactures are required to apply for different BIS certificates for products manufactured at different locations.
  3. Only one registration per brand is allowed. For multiple brands, multiple BIS registration is required.

BIS under CRS registration process

Following are the steps to acquire BIS registration under CRS:

  1. Creation of BIS profile
  2. Filing of online application
  3. Submission of test reports, documents required and a sample of the product.
  4. Analysis of the application by the BIS department.
  5. Inspection of manufacturing facility by the BIS department.
  6. Creation of inspection report
  7. Grant of BIS license if every aspect of the applicant’s manufacturing facility complies with BIS laws.

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