Steps to obtain BIS certification for adapters in India
Posted on Apr 23, 2021

Obtaining BIS certification for amplifiers is mandatory for manufacturers of amplifiers in India. Without it, they are not allowed to either manufacture or sell these products in the country. Thus, in this blog, we have given simple steps to obtain it.

An adapter has a definition on both the hardware and software dimension. However, for the same of this blog, we are going to keep it straight to hardware. So, what is an adapter? It’s a device that is used to connect a hardware component with another hardware component. It’s designed keeping in mind that the connection established between the components is flawless. Another thing that is taken into consideration when this product is manufactured is safety of the consumers. These “considerations” are basically standards set by the Bureau of Indian standards in BIS for adapters.

Manufacturers of adapters have to adhere to these standards if they want manufacture and sell adaptors in India. In order to show that they have in fact adhered to the specific standards, they have to obtain BIS certificate for adapters.

In this article, we are going to dive into the finer details of the BIS certification process that a manufacture has to follow to get the right to manufacture and sell the titular product in India.

What is BIS for Adapters

BIS for Adapters are standards for adapters set by the Bureau of Indian Standards. Manufacturers of adapters and similar units have to follow the specific standards during manufacturing, delivering and packaging process if they want to obtain BIS certification.

And obtaining BIS certification is the only way a manufacturer can obtain the right to manufacture or sell this particular product in India.

The Standards that the BIS has set for adapters is IS 13252(Part 1):2010*. While this standard is almost 11 years old, its effectiveness persists to this day as most of the adapters you see available in the market, are sellable because they follow this standard.

Steps to obtain BIS certification for Adapters in India?

Following is the procedure to obtain BIS certification for adapters in India:

  • First, you need to obtain the standard for BIS for Adapters in India. Read through its finer points and train your employees to follow it.
  • Once you’ve grown confident in your abilities that you can follow the standard, you can proceed with the rest of the steps as given below.
  • Go to the BIS official website and under the CRS tab, select adapters – the product you’re seeking BIS license for.
  • Once selected, you’ll be promoted to create an online profile. Kindly do so with your company credentials.
  • After your registration ID is created, navigate the site to fill the application form for BIS license for adapters.
  • Attach the required documents when the portal gives you the prompt to do so.
  • Once the application is accepted, the BIS appoints an auditor to go through your adapter manufacturing facility.
  • Based on the inspection by the auditor, you can (or can’t) obtain BIS registration for adapters.

If you seek to increase your chances for BIS certification, you should know about the documents that are required in this process.

Documents for BIS registration for adapters

Following are the required documents for BIS registration for adapters

  • Copy of incorporation certificate of your company
  • Copy of address proof of your company
  • Copy of ID proof of the authorized signatory
  • Technical literature of the adapter
  • Map showing the location of your factory near a specific landmark.
  • Agreement on a stamp paper of INR 100/-


The steps to obtain BIS certification might be straightforward, but when you implement them, they present you with nuances that can make you give up midway. Thus, reach out to our BIS consultants if you ever want to obtain BIS certification for your adapters