Get the BIS certification for CCTV camera in India
Posted on Apr 23, 2021

BIS certification for CCTV camera is a mandatory requirement for its manufacturers. It gives manufacturers the permission to product and sell CCTV cameras in India.

CCTV cameras are the reason most people in India are able to sleep securely.  It’s because of this product that police have now have an easier time nabbing criminal who previously used to commit crimes without fear of being seen. And because the product is so people-centric, the Bureau of Indian standards introduced BIS for CCTV to ensure that the quality of this product never lacks in any aspect.

As per the provisions mentioned in Compulsory registration scheme, CCTV camera comes in the list of IT goods and electronic products for which BIS registration is important. Thus, the manufacturers of this product have to obtain BIS certificate for CCTV camera if they wish to produce and sell it on the Indian market.

In this article, we are going to discuss how you can get BIS certification for CCTV camera in India.

What is BIS for CCTV Camera?

BIS for CCTV Camera comes under the surveillance standards that has been established by the Bureau of Indian Standard. These standards are defined in IS 13252 (Part 1) : 2010. They precisely define the:

  • Qualities that a CCTV camera should possess.
  • The longevity that such products should have.
  • The manufacturing process that must be implemented during production of these products.
  • The raw materials that must be used to create CCTV cameras.
  • The quantifiable parameters that CCTV cameras should stay within.

Every manufacturer of surveillance product should heed to these requirements. For that’s the only way that they can obtain BIS registration for CCTV cameras in India.

The steps to take to obtain BIS certification for manufacturing CCTV cameras

The procedure to obtain BIS registration for CCTV Cameras is as follows:

  • Read and understand the nuances of IS 13252 (Part 1) : 2010
  • Implement the finer points mentioned in the standard in your business organization.
  • Go to the BIS portal and file the application for BIS registration for CCTV cameras.
  • Provide the documentation along with the application
  • Receiving your application springs the BIS into action who then start to scrutinize your request
  • If you’ve filed the application correctly, and have provide the correct documents, the BIS appoints an BIS officer to inspect your manufacturing facilities.
  • After inspection of your CCTV camera factory, the BIS officer drafts a report.
  • The report is forwarded to the Bureau, along with a personal recommendation of the BIS officer.

The documents needed for BIS license for CCTV camera

Along with ensuring that BIS officer doesn’t find anything bad at your factory, you have to make sure that the Bureau has received the right documents from your end during the start of the process:

  • Company Incorporation Certificate
  • Address proof of the company
  • Location map showing the location of your company near a landmark
  • Technical literature of the CCTV camera
  • Policy document associated with IS 13252 (Part 1): 2010


You must obtain BIS certificate for CCTV cameras if you seek to manufacture and sell them in India. Not doing so can result in you facing heavy penalties. If you don’t know how to proceed with this, reach out to our experts.