What is an ISI mark?

The Indian Standard Institute was established 1980s to oversee the quality of consumer goods. In order to ensure that these products are safe for people to use, the ISI created specific standards. If the product complies to these standards, it gets ISI mark. It makes the product viable for the people. Overtime, more critical products were introduced for which ISI mark became mandatory under the Scheme I of Bureau of Indian Standards. Right now, there are over 53 categories of products for which its mandatory for the manufacturers to get ISI mark.

ISI Mark

General principles of grant of license of BIS conformity or the ISI mark

Following are the general principals of the grant of BIS license or the ISI amrk:

  1. The grant of license is based on the successful assessment of the following:
    1. Manufacturing facility
    2. Quality control
    3. Manufacturing process
    4. Infrastructure
    5. Testing Capabilities
  2. There are two options to apply for the BIS license.

Procedure of grant of BIS license or ISI mark

In order to obtain the ISI mark, the applicant has to follow the process given below:

  1. File the application for the grant of license.
  2. Submit the documents required.
  3. Get the product tested from an accredited lab.
  4. Submit the list of raw materials. The materials used should themselves by marked by ISI
  5. Submit the partial test reports that were readily available.
  6. Submit the long duration test reports.
  7. Submit the necessary undertakings
  8. An auditor appointed by the BIS will visit your manufacturing facility.
  9. Factory testing will take place in front of that auditor
  10. A sample of the specimen will be drawn.
  11. The sample will be tested
  12. Test report will be reviewed
  13. Application and the documentations will be processed
  14. License shall be granted if the assessment is successful.

Registration services for ISI mark

Getting ISI mark for your product involves steps that reach to double digits. As you go through them, you’ll realize that the requirement might keep changing. To keep up with those requirements and getting ISI mark on time, consult with our BIS consultants.

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